Lying on CVs is something of a cliché. As a new job seeker, you don't want to accidentally fall into this trap. As you plan for your graduation and your entrance into the working world, you will want to get your CV in order so that you can land great job. You can still tell prospective employers about your education and your expected graduation, and if done correctly those looking at your CV should be able to clearly see that you have not yet earned your degree but will soon.

Create an "Education" heading on your CV to tell employers about your educational background. List your most recent education first. If you are anticipating your undergraduate degree, it is not necessary to include school or earlier education.

Type the name of the university and the city in which it is located.

List the degree you expect to receive. Avoid using abbreviations. Type out "Bachelor of Arts" or "Bachelor of Science" as opposed to typing "B.A." or "B.S." Indicate your main subject and, if applicable, any minor areas of concentration.

Type "Anticipated graduation date:" and place the month and year of your expected date of graduation after it. This will show that you will graduate and allows you to share your educational experience with a prospective employer.

Include your expected grade if it's a 2:1 or higher and include any educational accolades if applicable. You may also choose to include some of your course work if it is relevant to the position you are applying for.