How to get a refund on a western union money order

Western Union money orders are a convenient way to send money almost anywhere in the world. From time to time a money order may be lost, damaged, stolen, or you may change your mind about sending the money order. You will then need to trace the money order or get a refund. It is important to keep the receipt when you purchase a Western Union money order. The receipt is your proof of purchase, and it's much easier to get a refund if you have it. It's a good idea to record the serial number and amount of the money order as well, just in case anything happens to the receipt. If you don't have the serial number, you may not be able to get a refund.

Get a refund on a Western Union money order by taking your proof of purchase receipt to the location where you purchased the money order. In most cases, you can fill the Trace/Refund Request, and your refund will be sent to you within 30 days.

Obtain a Trace/Refund Request form from the vendor where you purchased the money order even if you do not have the receipt but know the 11-digit serial number and amount of the money order. Fill out the form, including the serial number, amount of the money order, and any other information you have. Follow the instructions to figure out the processing fee that is required.

Call Western Union money order customer service at 1-800-999-9660 and request an affidavit. The affidavit serves as a substitute for your proof of purchase receipt. When the affidavit form arrives, fill it out and have your signature notarised.

Send both the notarised affidavit and the Trace/Refund Request form to the address listed on the Trace/Refund Request form. Include the required processing fee. If you act promptly and make your request before the money order is cashed, you can expect a refund within 30 days. Otherwise, it may take longer. In the event the money order has been cashed, Western Union reserves the right to require a bond as surety to issue a refund pending the completion of their investigation.

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Things Needed

  • Receipt
  • Serial number
  • Amount of the money order

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