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How to rent an apartment with no job

If you are ever in a situation where you are looking for a place to live before you have a job in that area you might think that it will be impossible to rent an apartment without a job. That is not true. In fact, you can rent an apartment with no job as long as you have a way to prove that you can make the payments on the apartment that you are interested in renting out.

Save enough money for several months' rent. After you decide on an apartment or a general amount that you want to pay for an apartment you should save up enough money to cover about three months of rent if you do not already have that amount saved up. Some landlords will ask for an upfront payment equal to three months' rent if you have no job. This usually covers the first and last month's rent as well as a security deposit equal to one month.

Get a list of references. If you have lived in apartments in the past you should get together a list of your previous landlords. Include the address, phone and fax number for each. Your new prospective landlord will use this list of references to see if you have ever paid late or been a problem at any previous apartments.

Gather proof of your assets. Some landlords will rent you an apartment when you have no job if you can show proof of payment based on your assets. You will need bank statements, brokerage statements, 401K statements, etc to show proof of assets that you can use to pay your rent.

Find a guarantor/co-signer. Most landlords will accept a guarantor/co-signer on your lease if you want to rent an apartment with no job. A guarantor is someone who can show financial means to cover the rent in the event that you cannot. Your guarantor will have to actually sign your apartment lease and will be legally liable for your rent if you default and do not pay it. A parent or other relative is a good person to ask to be a guarantor/co-signer.

Look for a sublet. A sublet is an easy way to rent an apartment when you have no job. Typically, when you sublet, you are renting from another renter, who actually signed the lease with the apartment manager. You would make your rent payments to the person you got the sublet from.


  • Having good credit will help you to get an apartment.

Things Needed

  • Money and proof of your assets
  • Good references
  • Guarantor/co-signer