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How to Sell My House to a Housing Association

Perhaps you own your house outright, and you want to sell it quickly for whatever reason. Finding a buyer online is risky and time-consuming. Waiting for a real estate agent to get the job done will take longer than you want to wait. A housing association may provide the solution to your problem.

You can sell your home to your local housing association quickly with a minimum amount of paperwork.

The downside is that the sale price may be lower than you expected. But it is money now instead of later.

Look in your local yellow pages or elicit recommendations to find a real estate appraiser. Meet with several until you find one with which you are comfortable. Pay the appraiser to inspect your property and place a value on it.

Contact a local housing association. Ask the representative whether the association buys property in your area. Schedule an appointment with someone at the housing association who is in a decision-making role. Have the meeting at your home at a date and time convenient for the representative.

Meet with the housing association representative at the appointed time. Give her a thorough tour of your property. Allow the representative to inspect the property on her own. Answer any questions completely and honestly, remembering that full disclosure is demanded by real estate law.

Review your appraisal with the housing association representative. Let her read the documentation on her own. Discuss any of the appraisal summary she wants to discuss. Negotiate a price for your property using the appraisal as a starting point.

Review the housing association standard purchase contract with the representative. Listen to everything she says about the document. Read it from beginning to end on your own. Keep a copy of this document, and schedule your next meeting with the housing association representative.

Take the unsigned contract and your appraisal to your attorney. Review the contract with him. Ask him to explain any part of the contract that is unclear to you. Ask him whether there are any discrepancies between the contract and your state's real estate laws.

Attend your next meeting with the housing association representative. Have your attorney, a notary public and two witnesses present to make the document completely and indisputably legal. Sign the contract. Obtain the representative's signature along with those of the witnesses. Obtain a seal on the document from the notary. Receive your check for the full purchase amount.

Submit a copy of the signed contract, as well as the deed to your home, to your attorney. Pay him to complete the title change process and finalise the sale.


  • You may need to obtain property inspections or perform other legal formalities depending upon your state's laws and the requirements of the housing association. Ask your attorney to explain the specifics of this transaction before the contract signing.


  • Have an attorney review and explain every contract, or other legal document, you intend to sign.