How to reply to a phone interview request

When you receive an interview scheduling call, remain professional, upbeat and confident. Show enthusiasm about providing more information about your skills, education and experiences. Use the call to not only schedule your interview but also ask what you can expect during the interview. Knowing in advance who will interview you might lessen your nervousness on the day. Such information will certainly help you prepare for the interview.

Respond to a phone interview request within 24 hours, if possible. Delays could result in a loss of the most convenient interview dates. When choosing an interview date, give yourself sufficient time to prepare.

Adopt an upbeat and warm effect when you speak. Stand up, if necessary, to create a more self-confident attitude.

Build a rapport with the hiring manager by showing enthusiasm for the position. First impressions are lasting, so stand out from the crowd by getting the hiring manager to like you right away. Thank the hiring manager for considering you for the position.

Take control of the conversation, if possible, by offering one or two strong qualifications that make you a perfect candidate for the position.

Agree on a time for the interview. If you require additional time to prepare for the interview, which is reasonable, schedule the interview accordingly. Repeat the time back to the hiring manager to avoid miscommunication.

Help yourself prepare for the interview by asking a few well-chosen questions. Sample questions include, "How much time should I allow for the interview?" and "Who will be interviewing me?"

Thank the hiring manager once again for inviting you to interview for the position.


Respond to a phone interview request by phone. Know what is on your resume. Keep a record of all of the jobs you've applied for handy.

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