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What Are the Duties of Shift Leaders?

A shift leader position is many employees' first encounter with the roles and responsibilities of management. In most organisations, shift leaders serve as acting managers when a manager is not present, and may be asked to perform many of the same tasks as management staff. Each company has its own idea of what a shift leader should do, but most shift leaders can expect to serve a few key roles.

Employee Management

A shift leader is often responsible for tracking other employees. While a shift leader may not work with performance issues or disciplinary problems, she will usually keep a log of whether employees were on time, took their breaks correctly and performed the work they were expected to do. In this particular role, the shift leader serves as the eyes and ears of management staff and can alert them to problems quickly .

Cash and Billing

In retail businesses, someone has to be responsible for counting the cash registers both at the beginning and the end of each shift. This ensures the employees at those registers were counting money correctly throughout the course of the day. A shift leader is often responsible for checking register totals before shifts and counting drawers at the end. Additionally, shift leaders may be expected to put money into a safe or drop off cash at a nearby bank.


While some businesses have a dedicated training staff, others rely on their shift leaders to do the bulk of new employee training. Shift leaders will walk new employees through the basics of their jobs, help them complete any important paperwork and test them on their current knowledge. In high-paced environments, new employees may be required to shadow shift leaders for a few days until they learn the ropes.

Regular Tasks

Though a shift leader is responsible for some managerial tasks, her first responsibility is acting as a normal employee of the company. Shift leaders are expected to perform their extra tasks in addition to normal store duties like taking orders or helping customers, ensuring displays are set up correctly, and keeping the store clean and safe. Becoming a shift leader usually means accepting new responsibilities in addition to the ones the employee already has.

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