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Job description of a retail sales supervisor

A retail sales supervisor hires and manages a sales staff.

These managers ensure merchandise is properly displayed and sales goals are defined. They work for department stores, automobile dealerships and in various retail businesses.


Retail sales supervisors must make sure their staff works as a team and stays motivated.

They have to understand their company's mission, and relay it to employees. They also do some selling themselves, oftentimes demonstrating products and handling customer inquiries.


Retail sales supervisors succeed when they are passionate about customer service. They should be highly organised and possess strong leadership and communication skills. They should be adept at math, ably calculating sales and budgets.


Requirements to become a retail sales supervisor vary.Generally, all that's needed is GCSE's and a successful sales history.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for sales worker supervisors are projected to increase by 5 per cent through 2018. Meanwhile, employment in retail sales is expected to grow by 8 per cent.


Often a retail sales supervisor's earnings are commission based. According to the PayScale website, retail sales managers in mid-2010 earn from £20,150 to more than £37,700 per year.