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The Role of a School Social Worker

Social workers play an important role in schools, providing counsel and encouragement to students.


School social workers are available to counsel students and help them develop personally and academically. School social workers are the link between teachers, students and parents.


School social workers usually have at least a bachelor's degree. Increasingly, school social workers are required to have a master's degree. School social workers must be able to communicate with teachers regarding student behaviour.


School social workers help parents address behaviour problems with students. Issues such as teen pregnancy are discussed among students and school social workers.


School social workers must value confidentiality. Being able to maintain your emotions, cultivate relationships and being sensitive to the needs of others are invaluable traits of a school social worker.

Home Life

In some cases, students may have extenuating circumstances at home. In cases where there is neglect, abuse or other severe problems at home, school social workers may serve as counsel to help students cope.