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Salary of a gunsmith

Gunsmiths make and repair firearms according to a customer's specifications, usually specialising in a particular type of gun. The typical training path for a gunsmith includes a one-year certification program followed by an apprenticeship lasting at least four years. Gunsmiths typically find work as salaried employees with firearms dealers, sporting goods stores and shooting ranges.

Training and Advancement

Formal training and experience are the primary factors that determine a gunsmith's salary. Gunsmiths with additional training in subjects like ammunition, ballistics and metalworking have the best opportunities for advancement. The Association of Gunsmiths and Related Trades offers a formal apprenticeship program in addition to the informal programs available with qualified gunsmiths. Some vocational colleges and trade schools also offer a associate's degree program that typically includes a practical course in gunsmithing under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

National Salaries

CBsalary provided national salary information for all gunsmiths in the United States. The average annual salary for gunsmiths in 2011 was £31,724. The lowest 25 per cent of workers in this occupation earned an average of £24,878. The upper 25 per cent of gunsmiths earned an average annual salary of £43,678.

State Salaries provides salary information for gunsmiths by state as of 2011. One of the highest annual salaries for gunsmiths was paid in Massachusetts, where the average was £40,300. The average income for gunsmiths in California was £37,050 per year and those in Illinois earned an average of £34,450 per year. Gunsmiths in Florida made £30,550 per year on average and gunsmiths in Texas had an average annual salary of £30,550 per year.

City Salaries provides salary information for gunsmiths in major cities throughout the United States as of 2011. Gunsmiths in New York City earned an average annual salary of £31,569. The average income for gunsmiths in Boston was 46,447 per year, and the salaries for gunsmiths in Los Angeles averaged £29,541 per year. Chicago gunsmiths made £28,748 per year on average and those in Philadelphia averaged £28,346 per year.