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What is the salary range for an associate director?

Certain job titles have certain definitions, depending on the industry and company, as do the salaries that accompany them. Furthermore, hierarchies in the United States also differ from their European counterparts. Regardless of the context, an associate director is often the entryway to upper management and enjoys the proportionate pay scale.

Required Skills

The specific experience required to be an effective associate director differs from industry to industry. The general skills necessary to succeed in such a position, however, are transferable. According to, common characteristics of associate directors include a demonstrated ability to lead and manage a team, experience working under pressure and a proven track record of meeting dollar goals or quotas. Competencies in these core areas are likely to be consistent with an associate director in any company or field.


In addition to basic skills required, many organisations expect employees at the associate director level to have a certain level of ethics and qualitative characteristics. Such employees are often operating at the executive level of a company or at least report to executive managers. As such, they are expected to promote the overall mission of the business with a certain level of sophistication. Additionally, it is expected that such individuals have a well-developed sense of perseverance, trustworthiness and social savvy.

Education and Experience

The education and experience level of an associate director have a direct impact on the salary range of such a position. A four-year bachelor's degree is typically considered an absolute requirement. An advanced degree is preferred, especially in areas such as technology or business, specifically finance or accounting. At least five years of experience, if not more, is essential in order to qualify for this level of management. Many employers also require references and recommendations from reputable professionals that prove a candidate's qualification in specific areas.

Salary Ranges

Recent graduates of professional programs such as business school seek out jobs in investment banking due to the large salary and bonus structure. According to, the average annual salary of an associate director at UBS in the New York City area is £68,250 with a cash bonus of just under £16,250. A similar position with UBS in London is approximately 67,000 GBP annually with a cash bonus of about 26,000 GBP.

Other Industries

Associate director salary ranges outside of the banking industry are often lower but remain above the national average. reports the average salary for associate directors in the United States to be £44,200 annually. Other common areas of focus outside of the banking industry include IT, regulatory affairs and global logistics, just to name a few. Many fields offer associate director positions well above this median range. Much higher salaries can be expected at the managing director level and above.