Businesses lose billions of dollars annually and may even fail due to losses related to crime.

Salons are included in this statistic, and may be at a security risk for burglary, theft and injury due to employee negligence and other factors. Salon owners should take steps to avoid incidents and losses by tightening lax security procedures within the salon environment.

Background Checks

Owners should perform background checks on all potential employees before hiring them to work in the salon. If an applicant has a history of theft or other criminal activity, you should investigate him more thoroughly before initiating the hiring process.

Employee Handbook

Write an employee handbook to document the rules and procedures of the salon. Distribute the handbook to all stylists and salon employees and have regular meetings to discuss security measures and address any problems that may arise from employee disregard of salon rules.

Cash Register

Assign one person to work the cash register all day to eliminate the potential for mistakes or monetary theft. This can be either a receptionist or other designated salon employee.

This can also be done in shifts if there are employee changes throughout the day, with money counted by the cashier in charge at the end of each shift and documented for management. Deposit all cash register monies at the end of the day to ensure safety of the funds.

Employee Safety

For safety reasons, two or more employees should work each shift.

This will protect against any internal salon employee theft. It will also decrease the chances of the salon being burglarised. A salon with one staff member is likely a prime target for crime.

Safety Measures

Install both exterior and interior lighting in and around the salon to decrease the risk of nighttime crime. All back doors should be locked and dead bolted. Front doors equipped with a warning device such as a bell will alert employees when someone has entered the salon.

Installing cameras inside and on the exterior of the salon can help identify perpetrators if a crime occurs. Installing an alarm system can help prevent against after hours vandalism or burglary.

Equipment Safety

Store all hazardous materials away from clients in a back room to avoid any mishaps. Put sharp objects such as scissors or straight razors in drawers out of the reach of customers. Allow only clients who are receiving services into the service area to avoid employee or customer injury.