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How to Transfer Money to Iran

For transferring money to Iran, you have the options of mail money order, personal check, bank wire transfer, and Internet transfer companies. Companies such as Z Transfer Inc and Sarrafi specialise in sending money to and from Iran. Another company is Money Bookers, through which you can send money to the recipient’s e-mail account.

Get the necessary information about the recipient. You will need the recipient’s full name, bank name, bank branch address, bank account number and branch code.

Go to Z Transfer’s website from Resources below and fill out the order form.

Enter your personal details that the website asks for, including name, e-mail address and other particulars. You will also have to specify which method of money transfer you prefer. Z Transfer allows you to send money through money order, bank deposit or personal check.

If you choose money order, it is mailed to the recipient through the postal system. Money orders are helpful in cases where the recipient doesn't have a bank account.

The benefit of direct bank deposit is that the funds are transferred directly to the recipient's bank account, without his having to do anything. However, you will need to have full bank details of the recipient to make the transfer using this method.

If you mail a personal check, the recipient will have to get it cashed from the bank.

Wait for Z Transfer to e-mail you an invoice with full information. If you have chosen “Deposit in Bank, the bank account information will be e-mailed to you. If you choose ”Mail Money Order” or “Mail Personal Check,” Z Transfer will e-mail you an invoice with your order number and the company’s address. You will then have to sign a check payable to “ZTransfer Inc,” stating the amount to be transferred. Be sure to write your order number on the check.

Go to Sarrafi’s website and fill out the order form.

Enter the necessary details that the company’s website asks for, including name, contact details and transfer amount. You also have to specify whether you want to transfer the money in your currency or Iranian Rial.

Submit the order and wait for Sarrafi to e-mail you their bank details along with detailed instructions regarding how to deposit the money into recipient’s bank account.

Contact the recipient and ask her for her e-mail address. Let her know that you are sending her money through MoneyBookers, which is a company that delivers funds to e-mail accounts. Upon sending the funds, MoneyBookers will send your recipient an e-mail that will guide her through the procedure of depositing money into her bank account in Iran.

Register with MoneyBookers on their website. You will only be able to send the money once you fill out the form by providing the necessary information, including your contact details and credit card or bank account information.

Go to the home page and click the “Send Money” button.

Enter the recipient’s e-mail address and specify how much money you want to send.

Confirm that you want to transfer this amount. The money will then be deducted from your bank account and transferred to the recipient's e-mail address.


  • Check each company’s rates before sending the funds. If you’re sending money through Z Transfer, you can calculate its fee from the “Calculate” tool at the right side of the webpage. If you’re sending money through Sarrafi, you will find out their fee once you receive their e-mail containing the guidelines. MoneyBookers also allows users to calculate transfer fee on the website. You can find a “Fees” link on their home page.