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How to Ship a Car to Romania

Cars are part of the culture in Romania. If you're planning to move to Romania, you will need to hire a company to ship your car there. Most companies offer a selection of shipping methods. The "roll on, roll off" method secures the vehicle in the hold of a ship using braces and ropes. This method is the easiest as the car is driven onto the boat and driven off again.

Container shipping requires the vehicle to be driven inside a large, metal container which is lifted onto the deck of a ship. Once the car leaves the ship it is placed on a truck and driven to your chosen destination.

Get quotes from shipping companies. Shipping a car overseas is expensive. Getting multiple quotes will help you get the best price. Ask companies if they belong to the American Movers and Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Choose the type of shipping that is best for you. "Roll on, roll off" (or RORO) is the least expensive, but boats providing RORO leave port less often than container boats. RORO boats leave every ten days compared to container boats which leave every seven days. The container method, while more expensive, allows you to pack other belongings into the container with the car.

Take your car to a mechanic prior to the ship date. Customs in Romania may refuse your car if it does not meet Euro 5 and 6 pollution guidelines. Romania adheres to European Union guidelines for emissions which allow a limit of 1,000 milligrams of carbon monoxide per kilometre from January 2011 to 2014. After 2014 European Union standards will reduce that limit to 500 milligrams per kilometre. You must test the emissions on your car before leaving the country.

Purchase shipping insurance. Shipping insurance will cover damages that may occur during shipping, as well as any theft or loss.

Hire a company and set a date. You will either meet your car at the port city and drive to Romania or request your car to be driven by truck to the nearest drop-off, usually a major city such as Bucharest, the capital.