Shop Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

A shop assistant is responsible for providing assistance and customer service to customers in the daily operations of a retail or other shops. A shop assistant in the United Kingdom performs the same duties as a sales assistant does in the United States. Shop assistants generally have experience in retail or other merchandise sales. According to, shop assistants earn 15,000 euro as of April 2010.

Customer Service

Customer service duties include greeting, assisting and handling cash, credit or debit card transactions for the customer. Shop assistants may wrap purchases as gifts at the customer’s request. The shop assistant may also be responsible for filling online or call-in orders from customers.


Shop assistants set-up and arrange displays in the shop. They restock items and check inventory levels for reorder. Shop assistants may be responsible for organising the stockroom. They receive restock deliveries and unpack, re-shelve or store new merchandise. Employees in this position effectively participate in reducing loss of stock.


Cleaning includes keeping the front-end tidy and neat. Shop assistants ensure displays are well-arranged, presentable and clean at all times. They also keep fire exits and escape routes free from obstruction, and clean up at closing time.

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