Receptionists act as the initial contact for company employees, suppliers, customers and outside visitors. Visitors can range from job applicants to fellow business owners.

Receptionists know how to perform their work duties while offering quality service. Outstanding receptionists know how to communicate, make visitors feel comfortable and present a positive company image. Companies can offer outstanding receptionists more job responsibilities with greater pay. With additional training and experience, outstanding receptionists can become senior receptionists and office supervisors.

Dress in a professional manner. An outstanding receptionist cares about displaying a positive image. Employers, visitors and vendors pay attention to how you represent a company. A sloppy receptionist can project a poorly run company. Observe the dress styles of fellow company employees. Make sure your outfit is clean and neat.

Greet each visitor who enters the office environment. Use your smile to represent a friendly company environment and make visitors comfortable. Minimise a visitor's wait time. As an outstanding receptionist, learn how to help each visitor quickly. Maintain eye contact when speaking with visitors and listen to their questions.

Practice good telephone etiquette as an outstanding receptionist. Answer the telephone using the company's name, your department and your name. When answering the business telephone, remember to speak clearly. Avoid making the caller strain to understand you. Use the telephone caller's full name. If you obtain permission, you can use the caller's first name.

Keep the reception area well-organised for visitors. Visitors should see a clean office environment. Do not have food containers, newspapers or loose paper across your desk. Take advantage of office desk trays and cabinets. An outstanding receptionist reports any office problems to management. Office problems range from broken chairs to loose file cabinets.

Offer to perform additional office duties, such as helping another department, though you should always focus on your main job duties. Perform these extra duties when you have no visitors or telephone calls. Performing additional office duties allows you increase your skill set. Make sure your supervisor knows when you have completed your additional duties.

Seek additional office skills and increase your value to the company. As an outstanding receptionist, you want to have the most recent skills. Ask about attending company-paid computer training. Learn what the computer training will involve. Topic can range from word processing to graphic design.


Organise your desk at the end of the work day. Treat each visitor with respect. Upgrade communication skills.