Standard operation procedures for hotel front offices

Some hotels seem to operate effortlessly; however, several departments are working diligently to ensure a smooth operation and safe environment for hotel guests. The front offices are the central unit of all hotel operations. They are responsible for keeping track of guests, making reservations, keeping the hotel staffed, keeping track of schedules, and much more.

Reception and Reservations

It is the job of the front office to perform several functions, including reception, cashier and reservations. As guests enter the hotel, it is a standard procedure to greet them with a warm and inviting welcome. The hotel front desk will deal with walk-ups, call-in reservations, room accommodation, keys, and also act as a cashier. The front office is also responsible for taking phone calls, and making sure guests are comfortable with their hotel choice.


The concierge or guest service staff member is a part of the hotel front office. He arranges help for guests' bags and luggage. He also answers questions regarding the services of the hotel and provides information on restaurants, entertainment, tours and other activities outside the property. The concierge might also be responsible for delivering special items such as flowers, cards, messages, and room necessities for guests. The concierge sometimes works with the valet or acts as the valet, retrieving vehicles from the car park for guests.

Oversees All Departments and Staff

The front office includes the hotel manager's office. She oversees all departments and operations of the hotel. She organises staff schedules, schedules meetings, addresses problems or questions from guests and departmental workers, and keeps the hotel running smoothly. The manager also tracks check ins and check outs, communicates between departments, and addresses issues from outside vendors and supply companies.

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