Starting Salary of an International Lawyer

International lawyers bridge the gap between the laws of two or more nations. The globalisation of many businesses has increased the need for lawyers specialising in international law. International lawyers are aware of the cultural and legal differences between nations that impact the business relationships of their clients. Rookie international lawyers can earn substantial incomes because of their specialised knowledge.

Job Description

International lawyers navigate their clients through cross-border issues. International lawyers are often fluent in foreign business practices, laws and languages. Many international lawyers are fluent in multiple languages. These specialised lawyers travel often between applicable countries and have experience in dealing with culture gaps and differences. International lawyers often work for large law firms that represent multinational corporations.

Low Salary Range Factors

The salary range for international lawyers can vary significantly. Among the primary influencing factors are experience, education and language ability. A lower end starting salary for an international lawyer as an associate for a medium-sized law firm can start at £53,300 according to the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. International lawyers generally multiple advanced degrees such as a bachelor's, master's and a juris doctor, or "JD."

High Salary Range Factors

The pay at the higher end of the starting salary range for international attorneys can be significant. The increasing factors consist of language skill, track record and company. For example, a newly minted international lawyer working at a large law firm overseas with language ability can earn over £84,500, according to "The New York Times." International lawyers with especially strong academic records have an added edge over their competition.

Job and Salary Forecast

The market outlook for international attorneys is expected to grow over the projections decade. Employment for international lawyers will increase 13 per cent during the 2008-18 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. International lawyers can enhance the demand for their services by gaining overseas experience and becoming fluent in many languages. As more and more businesses continue to enter the global marketplace, the demand for international lawyers will continue to increase.

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