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Stock manager job description

The stock manager directs the activities of employees working in stocking and materials in manufacturing or retail organisations.

The management of a stock department requires inventory duties and the distribution of materials to production departments or the shop floor. The manager for the stock department or warehouse of an organisation is responsible for receiving and distributing materials and supplies for the entire company.


The stock department of any organisation is the area where raw materials and supplies are stored and distributed. Stock employees receive materials into the stockroom and enter information in the inventory database. The manager in charge of this department must schedule employees to meet the stock demands of the company.

The production department in a manufacturing organisation relies on the stockroom to store and distribute materials needed for production. Retail stores use a storeroom to keep inventory that is not ready for the retail sales floor.

Job duties

A stock manager hires and trains employees in the stocking and distribution of materials throughout the organisation. The manager will arrange safety training for employees using equipment such as forklifts and electric pallet jacks. Managers give performance reviews of workers in the materials department. The manager also budgets resources for the department. The head of the stock department must meet with other department heads such as purchasing, production and sales to coordinate materials activities.


A skilled stock manager must have verbal and written communications skills to handle personnel issues in the department.

The manager must have computer skills to work with the inventory and budgeting software as well as office and email programs. A stock manager also has the ability to follow procedures regarding the safety and security of the stockroom.


A management position requires a graduate degree in business or a related field. Organisational management and supply chain logistics are areas of study for a stock manager position. Companies may require experience in a related position such as stock supervisor.


The salary range for a warehouse manager or stock manager is between £21,556 and £35,279. Salary depends on the industry and experience of the stock manager.