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How to Stop Wasps

It is impossible to stop all wasps from entering your property. Certain locations attract wasps no matter the preventive measures. However, you can take several steps to make your property less desirable to wasps. Use a multi-step approach to keep wasps from nesting in your property and harming humans or pets.

Seal all open areas leading to the home where wasps can get in. Wasps often enter the home near ceiling level, so inspect these areas carefully, both on the inside and outside of the home. Seal the entry points with spray insulation that will expand to fill the hole or stuff it with wool fabric.

Keep all trash sealed. Make sure all the lids on your trashcans seal tightly and provide no place for wasps to enter. Remove all sources of protein from the outdoors, including pet food, compost piles and food scraps left out by children or animals. Wasps love this kind of food and will linger in an area for a long while after the source is removed, but will eventually leave if they can find no food.

Purchase a wasp trap to catch wasps in unreachable locations, such as near the tops of trees or the roof. Empty the traps periodically to remove the dead bodies. Dead wasp bodies will release pheromones, which can actually bring more wasps to the area, especially if you squish the wasps.

Close off areas around the home with open spaces, such as eaves, decks and holes under balconies. Use plywood or other coverings to prevent wasps from reaching these areas. Cover bird house and tree house roofs with aluminium foil to discourage wasps from taking root.

Watch the wasps to find their home. If the nest is on your property, remove it as soon as possible. Wear protective clothing, such as thick gloves, long sleeves and trousers and a mask over your head to protect yourself from stings. Eliminate the nest at night when wasps are dormant. Place a large bag over aerial nests. Quickly tie the bag closed and drown the wasps in water. Hire professional help to eliminate nests in walls.

Things Needed

  • Spray foam or wool fabric
  • Wasp trap
  • Protective clothing
  • Aluminium foil
  • Large bag