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Production Team Leader Job Description

In the manufacturing industry, the quality and efficiency of the production environment plays a key role in the success of a manufacturing organisation. This requires a hands-on leader to motivate the production staff on each work shift. A production team leader oversees production team members to ensure a manufacturing organisation meets it's production goals.


Educational requirements can vary depending on the type of production environment, but most employers require a high school diploma or GED for this occupation. Employment opportunities may increase for those who obtain an associate's degree in industrial management, business or a related discipline.


Most of these professionals start their career in the production line and are promoted into a team leader position. Employers hiring a production team leader outside the organisation typically require experience in a similar manufacturing environment, as well as several years experience in a supervisory role. Other qualifications include excellent communication skills, manual dexterity as well as the ability to use computer systems and software.


These professionals oversee and direct a production team on a scheduled shift. This includes ensuring safety and quality policies and procedures are followed, as well as ensuring production meets the organisation targeted goals. This includes maintaining production equipment, scheduling repairs and maintaining inventory. As a hands-on leader, the team leader assists in completing production and assembly as needed.


A team leader schedules employees for the assigned work shift, and conducts safety or training programs for employees. Leadership responsibilities includes monitoring productivity, machinery and the employees' work to suggest improvements in the production process. The team leader typically creates and maintains production reports for tracking, and keeps production and operations manager aware of the production area's performance.


Salary can vary for this occupation depending on the production environment. Manufacturing organisations who produce technical products such as electronics, medical devices, or technology equipment may require more technical skills, and offer higher wages. In June 2010, lists a national average salary of £32,074 per year for this occupation.