Job Description of a Technical Team Lead

A technical team lead coordinates the activities of those working under him. He gives guidance to the team on any technical difficulties or situations they may encounter. He is the major decision-maker in terms of implementing plans of a project or job.


The minimum educational requirement for a technical team leader is a diploma in management. Having a bachelor’s degree in management or administration and a master's in business administration would be an added advantage. A postgraduate degree gives the technical team leader a competitive edge, especially in terms of remuneration.

Duties and Responsibilities

A technical team lead provides his workers and department with the vision and objectives of the project. The team lead motivates, inspires and facilitates problem solving in it. She explains the needs of the client and keeps them updated on client requirements. She coordinates various activities and roles played by different team members. The team links with other departments and upper management through the team lead. She plans agendas and schedules meetings and also chairs them.


It is not required that a team leader get certified, but certification can be obtained from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) or the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Work Conditions

A team leader works between 35 to 40 hours a week. The team lead may also be required to manage remotely located staff; hence, he might be asked to travel.

Desired and Technical Skills

A team lead should be able to motivate people. She should have excellent spoken and written communication and interpersonal skills to build good relationships with its members. She is required to be a good organiser to plan her work and that of other workers. She should be equipped with good record-keeping skills and be conversant with information technology. She should be a good decision-maker.


According to a leading website, as of July 16, 2010, a team leader makes £45,147 to £59,887 a year depending on the industry. Other factors that may influence salary earned are training and experience.

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