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Top 13 companies to work for in the UK


Having a decent employer not only makes your working day more rewarding, it can also affect the direction you take throughout your working life. Finding a good employer is no mean feat, but is well worth the hassle. The Sunday Times Best Companies list is perhaps the most thoroughly researched guide to potential employers, as it's compiled using employee feedback about the companies they work for.

UKRD Group

Commercial radio company UKRD has long been regarded as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. With top marks from employees on metrics including management, personal training and development, this company proves that the conventional way of doing things isn't always the best.

Save Britain Money

The Save Britain Money group offers services to people looking to make the most of their funds. Based in Wales, the company consistently receives positive feedback from its employees regarding multiple aspects of the business including culture and motivation in the workplace.

TGI Fridays

Employers in the catering sector are not often well-regarded by employees. TGI Fridays is an exception, with a good reputation as an employer. With restaurants up and down the country, employees score the company particularly well on management and on feeling part of a well-functioning team.

DRL Appliances

DRL Appliances specialise in providing white electronic goods for the kitchen. A major player in the online retail market for its sector, the company's employees rate it highly when it comes to creating a positive, productive environment, staff development and giving back to the community through charitable contributions.


The Hawksmoor restaurant chain has four high-end restaurants in London, specialising in steakhouse-style dining. Staff consider the company a good employer on various metrics, including paying well in comparison with catering averages, providing employee loans and being involved in charitable causes.

Lindum Group

Construction company Lindum is based in the Lincoln area of the country. Lindum employees give positive feedback about the employer regarding a positive direction, creating a consistently rewarding working environment and voluntary work supported by the company for various charitable causes.


Rackspace Hosting provide Internet services to organisations and individuals with various types of Web presence, including some of the biggest companies in the UK. Staff training is a key reason for employee satisfaction, along with employee rewards and support for voluntary work.

Childbase Partnership

The Childbase Partnership is a chain of successful nurseries based in Buckinghamshire. The company is part-owned by employees and engages staff in continuous training and development. Employee engagement at management level is also perceived as being particularly high, with staff feeling involved in the company direction.

Living Ventures

UK restaurant and bar company Living Ventures operates in various regions around England. Company priorities particularly valued by staff include a commitment to training at every level, career development and a perception that pay is fair in comparison with industry standards.

WL Gore & Associates

Dundee based WL Gore & Associates are famously linked to the Gore-Tex brand of outdoor clothing materials. Dating back to the 1950s, the company focuses on teamwork over management structures, with employees feeling that they can make a valued contribution to future direction.


Insurance company Admiral is a household name in the market. A focus on avoiding hierarchical management structures creates a feeling of relative equality among employees, a perception that certainly seems to be helped by regular distribution of company shares among the workforce.

Mishcon de Reya

High profile legal firm Mishcon de Reya spans the Atlantic and has represented more than a few well-known names. Employees at the firm rank the company highly for creating a sense of teamwork, culture, leadership and contributing to social causes including charities.


With a chain of lingerie retail outlets, Bravissimo shops are recognisable on high streets around the country. Store and company staff value the culture within the organisation for well-being and work-life balance, as well as seeing the company as having a positive business focus.

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