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Top Ten Ethical Companies

Ethics in business practices make companies great places to work for, as well as work with. Each year, lists comprised of the top 100 ethical companies are released by independent studies such as Ethisphere Institute and CNN Money. Companies on these lists go beyond words and actually put into practice what they preach.

Adobe Systems

Software company Adobe Systems publishes their code of ethics each year along with their compliance of business practice codes. Any conflict of interest affecting the company is brought to the attention of a compliance officer immediately. According to Adobe, all senior officers must comply with government rules and regulations and be honest and swift in their submission of reports and documents.

Campbell Soup Company

According to Campbell Soup Company, as of 2004, the company encourages staff to speak up whenever they spot anything wrong, in order to correct it. The code of ethics contains information on where an employee may go for help and how the company advertises their products.

Ford Motor Company

According to Ford Motor Company, the company’s code of ethics covers conflict of interests for directors, improper personal benefits from stocks for any member of an employee’s family, and any dealings with third parties that can affect Ford. Directors may not receive gifts nor use company assets for personal use.

L’Oreal SA

L’Oreal SA’s ethics program is touted as voluntary and proactive. The company offers guidance to management in the form of risk analysis tools and policy papers on child labour. The company also offers training in ethics for day-to-day operations situations and encourages employees to talk about their work environment.


According to Wegmans, the company actively participates in the community by donating to food banks and giving back to the neighbourhoods. The company takes donation requests via its website and administers a senior bus shuttle service in Syracuse and Rochester for the purpose of grocery shopping each week.

Hewlett-Packard Company

According to Hewlett-Packard, the company works to earn the trust of suppliers and consumers and encourages employees as well as customers to report any ethical concerns to them. The company conducts ethics and compliance training on a yearly basis.

American Express

American Express’ code of conduct for its board of directors includes conflict of interest situations in dealing with pre-notifications of outside positions as well as corporate opportunities that may arise. The company encourages reporting illegal and unethical behaviour.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins strives to provide leadership and integrity in its medical practices. Respecting patients and medical professionals alike, the medical centre strives for the ultimate in health care.

Wyndham Worldwide

Wyndham Worldwide’s code of ethics calls for integrity and fairness in all business practices. The code covers conflicts of interest regarding the monetary arrangements of its directors, the use of corporate information and assets, and confidentiality of information.


Google’s “don’t be evil” way of thinking extends to its ethics department. The company strives to build trust and possesses a “no retaliation” clause in their code. This means any worker who reports misconduct cannot be penalised.