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Traffic Management Job Description

A traffic manager can be responsible for different types of work, depending on the field: growing and maintaining traffic to an Internet website or e-commerce market; handling employee and work flow throughout a particular department; or directing road traffic as a construction company employee or member of law enforcement.


Traffic is always a concern during road construction. It is of particular concern when accidents or natural disasters have caused damage and obstructions or when special events like parades necessitate detours. Thus, a traffic manager or director is sometimes deployed to help direct traffic and assist motorists as needed. Traffic managers may be police officers working traffic detail or highway officials.


A traffic manager may also work in an administrative capacity in any industry like radio, insurance or finance. A traffic manager may be responsible for project management and ensuring all company procedures are running smoothly and effectively. Traffic managers at a radio station may document and record all radio shows and commercials to monitor for compliance with Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations. Insurance traffic managers may keep records of sales transactions, client policies or employee activities. Traffic managers may work with leadership to help support the timely turnover of work within the company and to redistribute unbalanced workloads across various departments.


Internet traffic managers are typically responsible for driving Internet traffic to a particular website, working in office settings or in home office environments as independent contractors. They resort to advertising like banners, text ads and marketing tools such as keyword placement. An Internet traffic manager may be required to provide reports of monthly traffic flow to a website owner.


Businesses and manufacturers often hire shipping or industrial traffic managers to design plans for transportation of company products. Industrial traffic managers arrange for the shipment of both finished products and raw materials from raw goods manufacturing plants to factories and from factories to retailers. An industrial traffic manager must plan for the size and shape of shipping components and the shipping containers as well as the costs, safety factors and time schedule involved in shipping. A shipping manager may also be responsible for mapping out travel routes or contacting route drivers and commercial carriers to arrange for the best prices and services.

Training and Salary

Some traffic management positions only require candidates with a high school diploma. Certain fields may require college graduates with a degree in traffic management, logistics or physical distribution. Ecommerce traffic management often requires courses in Internet marketing; traffic management in the shipping and human resources may require courses in transportation, economics, management, marketing and business law. reports the median annual salary for industrial traffic managers was £46,755 in 2004. Earnings for traffic managers in other fields may vary according to expertise and level of responsibility.