How to transfer a house title to someone else

A house title is evidence of the right to possession. It is often made out in the name of the person who is living in the house. Homeowners may wish to transfer a house title to a different person for various reasons. Though the process involves some legal documents, transferring a house title to someone else is easy and quick.

Contact a lawyer who specialises in handling property. These lawyers often deal with houses, buildings and land, and are often involved in divorces, inheritances and property gifts. Though a lawyer is not required for the process, it is essential to have legal knowledge to deal with the following steps, especially when filing the transfer with the court house.

Consider why you are transferring the title to determine if you need a limited-warranty deed, quit-claim deed, general-warranty deed or a different type of deed transfer.

Meet with all parties involved in the title transfer. Discuss the transfer's legal proceedings and have both parties sign the transfer document.

File the transfer with the county. Follow up at the county courthouse to ensure that your transfer has been recorded.

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