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Transport manager job description

A transport manager plans and schedules the transportation of materials or personnel in an organisation that specialises in transportation or that transports materials or products. The manager in the transport or logistics department of an organisation directs employees to carry out the transportation duties such as planning routes, scheduling deliveries and tracking materials or products through the supply chain.


The transport or logistics department of an organisation handles the safe delivery of merchandise directly to consumers or other organisations. The employees in a transport department monitor the tracking of materials to assist customers. The logistics department manages incoming materials and works with vendors to track shipments and update purchasing and production about scheduled delivery dates.

Job Duties

The transport manager directs employees in the dispatch and tracking of products and materials in the supply chain. Transportation methods can include air freight, rail and trucking. The manager searches for an economical means of transport to customers. Managers schedule employees and ensure that transport employees are fully trained in the operations in the department and the safety policies of the organisation. Transport managers schedule and oversee the maintenance and repair of equipment and vehicles used in transportation duties. The manager in the transport or logistics department prepares the department budget and ensures that spending is kept within limits.


A transport manager must have written and verbal communications skills and be able to effectively supervise others. Management skills such as budgeting are an essential skill for a transport manager. The transport manager must have an understanding of the procedures and policies regarding the transport of materials.


A transport manager must have a bachelor’s degree in business management or the industry of the organisation. Most companies require a transport manager to have several years of experience to work in the management position.


The median salary for a logistics manager is £60,145 as of November 2009, according to