Types of housekeeping

Whether working for a large company, a small organisation or in a private setting, there are different types of housekeeping. Though housekeeping requires cleaning designated areas, some housekeeping responsibilities are diverse depending on the work setting. People who work in a team-cleaning environment may not have the same duties as a private housekeeper or the caretaker at a school.


A caretaker typically works in spacious businesses such as hotels, schools or commercial buildings. A caretaker maintains a building by keeping it clean and organised. Some duties include shampooing carpets, mopping floors, removing rubbish, washing windows and cleaning toilets. In addition, some caretakers have additional duties like removing snow, conducting routine maintenance and notifying management of things that need repairs.

Cleaning supervisor housekeeping

Cleaning supervisors are sometimes referred to as the "team lead." Supervisors organise, manage and schedule the duties of the housekeepers, caretakers, maids or cleaners in a cleaning service. In addition, a cleaning supervisor keeps track of the inventory and manages the supplies. On many occasions a cleaning supervisor interviews and hires workers for numerous positions. Additionally, cleaning supervisors may have cleaning responsibilities themselves.

Building cleaning teams

Building cleaning workers typically work in a team setting. Each member has his particular section of the building to clean. Some duties include sweeping, mopping, removing trash, vacuuming and other maintenance duties. A team lead or supervisor checks each area to assure each is orderly and has been cleaned appropriately.

Private maids

Housekeepers and maids perform light cleaning tasks in residential homes or commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, office buildings and nursing homes. Some duties may include cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, washing clothes, purchasing groceries and vacuuming in a private residential setting. Some housekeepers working in nursing homes or hospitals may sanitise rooms, make beds and disinfect rooms.

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