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Waitress job responsibilities

Waitress responsibilities will vary in different types of establishments. The main responsibility of a waitress is to make sure the customers have everything they need to have a good experience in the establishment and return for more good service. However, there is more to being a waitress than just serving customers.


A waitress can be responsible for taking orders, serving drinks and food, collecting payments, presenting drink and menu specials to customers and explaining the ingredients in foods that the customer may have questions about. The waitress spends most of her time working in the dining areas.


Waitresses must have some basic math skills and a good memory. The physical ability of a waitress includes being able to carry multiple food orders on one tray and serving customers without dropping or spilling drink and food orders. A waitress may be expected to know which wines go with what foods and how to suggest different drinks or wine for the customer politely.


Waitresses that work in smaller restaurants may be responsible for cleaning tables after customers leave and helping with dish washing and floor sweeping to keep the dining area clean. Waitresses will set tables and refill condiments as needed.

Hostessing and cashiering

Restaurants that don't have a designated hostess will expect the waitresses to work as a hostess greeting customers and seating them in the dining area. The hostess will take payments at the cashier's desk.

Job outlook and earnings

The job outlook for waitresses is good since most people who work in the food service industry change jobs frequently, which leaves many openings for others looking for work as a waitress. Waitresses are paid a flat wage and include the tips made as part of the pay. The average hourly wage for a waitress is around £5.89.