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How to get wizard 101 to unban you

Wizard 101 is a free online multiplayer game for all ages who are interested in the craft of wizards, magicians and other mythical creatures such as unicorns and monsters.

Players in Wizard101 have the chance to explore virtual worlds and meet other wizards and avatars from around the world. Finding yourself banned -- due to bad behaviour or a mistake on the game's behalf -- in Wizard101 will cause your account to become frozen or inaccessible. Getting unbanned in Wizard101 is not guaranteed, but it is possible by contacting the staff and support directly.

Visit Wizard101's official game information website at From there, you will have access to contacting Wizard101's staff and customer service representatives regarding Wizard101 accounts.

Log in to your Wizard101 account using the left sidebar by entering your username and password and selecting "Log In". If you do not currently have any access to logging in to your account, contact Wizard101's support by e-mailing the details of your account issues to Include your account username, character's name and all of the details relating to the ban you are experiencing and why you should receive account access again.

Select and click "Help & Support" from the left sidebar main navigation links from the game information website of Wizard101 if you still have login access to your account.

Click "Contact Support" to submit a support ticket, including all of the details relating to why you were banned -- and why the ban should be released. Wizard101 support staff will respond to your inquiry using the email address on your Wizard101 account, so be sure to check it frequently.


  • To avoid scams or potential hacking to your account, never give your password to customer service or to anyone claiming to be Wizard101 staff.