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How to Write an Estimate for an Electrical Job

When you're training to become an electrician, one of the first things you might learn at your apprenticeship or in your on-the-job training is how to write an estimate for an electrical job. In this field, clients expect to receive detailed and accurate estimates before they contract an electrician to complete the work. The better your estimate, the better the chances that you'll get the job. Be sure to explain to clients that the estimate is exactly that, an approximate estimation of the costs, and that the actual cost of the job may differ.

Add your name and company information at the top of the estimate. Customers will often get estimates from several companies before choosing an electrician to complete the project, so you need to make it easy for them to contact you.

Include the fee, if applicable, for completing the estimate. Electrical work often involved evaluating systems and completing diagnostic work, and many companies charge a small fee for this service.

List all of the replacement and new parts that will be needed to complete the electrical job, such as light fixtures, circuit breakers or wires. Include the estimated cost for each part.

List all of the labour involved in the electrical job and how much it will cost. For example, you might include the cost for the labour involved in replacing a circuit breaker.

Add any fees that apply to the electrical job, such as fees for travel or vehicle expenses, as well as any special tools that may be required to complete the job.

Include a time frame for completing the electrical job. The customer needs to know how long it will take for the job to be completed before making an informed decision about which electrician to choose for the job.