How to write an official receipt of money

Maintaining receipt-of-payment records is important for businesses and individuals. When you loan money to a friend or family member, or are repaying a personal loan, receipts can help you avoid financial misunderstandings and errors. A receipt doesn't have to be made on an official form or printed on a computer. You can hand-write it on a piece of paper and sign the document. Give the original receipt to the individual making the payment. Keep a copy for your records.

Write "receipt" in block letters at the top of your document. In the upper right-hand corner write the receipt number (if any) and the date you received the money.

Write "Received from" followed by the payer's first and last name. To the right of the person's name, write the dollar amount they paid.

State what the money is going toward--rent, goods or services, for example--on a line beneath the individual's name and the payment amount.

Include a section with the current balance, payment amount and balance due if you receive regular payments from the individual.

Write down whether the payment was made by cash, check, money order or credit card.

Write "Received by," followed by your printed name and initials, at the bottom of the receipt.

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