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10 Most Wanted Jobs

Whether you're changing careers or applying to your first job, it is wise to consider which jobs will become the most desirable in the years to come. According to MSNBC, the medical field is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries as the baby boomer generation emerges into old age.

Also, computer-savvy positions are highly wanted careers as technology evolves every day. You can consider a handful of great opportunities in other fields as well.

Network Systems / Data Communications Analyst

With more companies upgrading their communications or even forming from the bottom up, this position is becoming more vital.

A network systems analyst assembles networks from scratch, setting up everything from e-mails to voicemail and data systems in a business. A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, information science or related field is required. The average salary is roughly £39,000 per year.

Physician Assistant

Thanks to the ageing baby boomer population, the need for physician assistants is rising.

Physician assistants perform the extra busywork that doctors don't handle, such as recording medical histories and making appointments. Only two years of training beyond a bachelor's degree in a medical-related field can earn you a very well-paying job as physician assistant (a little less than £45,500 per year).

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist guides people through rehabilitation after surgical procedures or injuries through treatments and exercise.

Especially with the burgeoning baby boomer population mentioned above, the number of positions keeps growing with competitive salaries (at £39,000 or more). A bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and post-collegiate training is required.

Computer Systems Administrator

A computer systems administrator runs the network help desk for a business or organisation. The increasing number of organisations building networks makes this position a desirable one. A preferably computer-related bachelor's degree will land you this job, which requires little training at a £26,000 per year salary.

Computer Software Engineer

Computer software engineers create the ever-changing software and programmes that are vital to running businesses all over the world.

Because businesses are constantly upgrading software and introducing new technology, the computer software engineer is an always-needed position.

High competition for this position also allows for great pay, at around £52,000 per year. A bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering is required.

Sales Representatives

A company's need for sales people knowledgeable of its product never runs dry.

Companies search for sales people who are aware of "big-picture" knowledge on how their product will affect their business and businesses around them.

A bachelor's degree in marketing or sales is preferred, but not always required. Salary varies from company to company, from £26,000 to possibly much higher per year.

Machine Technicians / Equipment Operators

Constant development in technology requires manufacturers to build things efficiently, which cannot be done without competent machine operators.

Many manufacturers are desperately seeking qualified equipment operators, according to Business Week. The minimum requirement is a high school education, and salary is roughly £19,500 per year.

University Lecturer

According to CNN, the expected increase in college enrolment within the next 10 years will boost the need for college instructors to teach a variety of subjects. A doctorate is required for tenured positions, and salary averages £32,500 per year.

Medical Scientist

More medical scientists will be needed to conduct biomedical research to pursue new and exciting developments in the medical field, such as new treatments. A PhD in biological science or a related medical field is necessary, and yearly compensation is about £39,000 per year.

Bus, Taxi and Truck Drivers

A shortage of drivers, both public transportation and truck drivers, is especially felt in large cities like New York City and London. A minimum of GCSE's is necessary, and salary varies widely from £13,000 to £32,500 per year.