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10 Ways to Spend Less Money on Clothing

Maintaining a monthly budget can be difficult, but a few clothes shopping tips and tricks will allow you to be a fashionista while still protecting your bank account. With a little ingenuity, you can cleverly stock your wardrobe at minimal expense.

Review Your Closet

Prior to shopping for more clothing items, take a thorough inventory of your closet. Are there pieces of clothing you can update with a new skirt or colourful jacket? If you have a stylish mate, bring her around to review what you have. She may be able to put together two or three items to make an outfit you would never have imagined.

Invest in Basics

A simple pair of black trousers or a classic white blouse easily pairs with many other items. As you shop, consider how to make an item work with multiple outfits without appearing to wear the same clothes every day.

Make the Most of Accessories

Colourful pashminas and scarves can be purchased quite inexpensively, and they’ll help you stretch your clothing further. If you wear a plain white blouse with a red jacket and black trousers one day, pair it with tan trousers and an olive-green pashmina the next. Odds are it will look as though you’ve worn two different outfits.

Buy on Clearance

You don’t have to sacrifice shopping for new clothes just because you’re watching your budget, though. One of the best ways to shop is to search for clearance sales. You’ll find a section at most of your favourite department stores with at least a few items on sale.

Purchase Offseason Clothing

If you dismiss clearance sales because you assume they're a bit last season, you may be missing a tremendous opportunity. When you see stores are discounting winter apparel in April to prepare for summer, don’t pass up the chance to fill your closet with items you can wear in a half a year, when the cold weather returns.

Consider Used Clothing

Thrift stores and other secondhand clothing shops can be a treasure trove of closet essentials. You can also scout online sites like eBay and Vinted for styles you love. If you have extra time and are prepared for the challenge, you can even sell some of your own used clothing and put the money toward buying new items for yourself.

Exchange Clothes with Friends

If you’re fortunate enough to have a friend who wears your size, you can each double the size of your wardrobe by exchanging clothes. Make sure you always return what you wear in the same condition in which you borrowed it to avoid losing this privilege.

Find a Great Tailor

If you know how to sew, you can mend any rips or tears on your own. However, it might be best to locate a low-cost tailor near you. This will not only allow you to make repairs that can extend the life of your clothing, but you could possibly purchase an ill-fitting item for less and have your tailor hem it to fit.

Buy High-Quality Clothing

Indeed, higher-quality clothing can be more expensive, but these items often last longer. This means you’ll get years of wear from each purchase, rather than having to buy new clothing every year.

Attend Boot Sales

Boot sales are filled with great finds at a bargain. The only challenge to shopping this way is you won’t be able to try on items before you buy. But if you’re unsure of sizing, you can always use this as the perfect opportunity to buy accessories and basics like tee shirts or blouses.