How to Apply for a DSS Emergency Loan

The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), formerly known as the Department of Social Security (DSS), grants crisis loans to individuals or families facing immediate health or safety risks due to a lack of funds. Only those facing financial hardship due to a crisis, such as a natural disaster, robbery or expenses related to rescuing a stranded family member abroad, can qualify for these loans. Funding is limited and the DWP grants loans on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of applicants' emergencies and the number of applicants applying for funding in a given period. DWP crisis loans are interest-free.

Pick up a crisis loan application from your nearest Jobcentre Plus office. You must get an SF401 form from a Jobcentre Plus office to apply for a crisis loan. Jobcentre Plus offices are located throughout the UK. Find a link to an office locator in Resources. When picking up your application, speak with a Jobcentre Plus agent about your financial situation and the nature of your crisis. He can give you a preliminary idea if you are likely qualify for a crisis loan. If you are not likely to qualify, he may be able to offer other types of DWP assistance, such as budgeting loans or community care grants.

Complete the crisis loan application. You must give detailed information on yourself, your family, your financial situation and your bank account details. You must also give detailed information about the nature and circumstances of your crisis and an estimate of how much money you need. You or your family must be facing significant risks to your health or safety to qualify for a crisis loan.

Submit your application. You can submit your application in person or by mail to your local Jobcentre Plus office.

Develop a repayment plan with your Jobcentre Plus agent. If you are approved for funding, your Jobcentre Plus agent will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss a loan repayment plan. You must agree to a loan repayment plan before you can receive any crisis loan funds. If you are already receiving DWP benefits, a portion of your regular benefit payments will be withheld until your loan is repaid. Once you have agreed to a loan repayment plan, the DWP will deposit the crisis loan funds into the bank account that you listed on your application.

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