How to Ask for Charity Donations

The IRS defines a charity as an organisation that is not operating for any private interests. This type of organisation has a tax-exempt status as stated in the IRS code 501(c)(3). The charity can offer receipts for any donations made to be used as deductions on the donor's taxes as an incentive. The only way to begin receiving donations for your charity is to ask for them.

Gather some literature on the charity and ask for donations as you see people. Face-to-face communication can produce more donations because potential donors can give on the spot or ask questions until they are satisfied that your charity is legitimate. Have literature on the charity available so potential donors can learn more about the organisation. Purchasing a table at various fairs is a great way to reach a large group of people to ask for donations face-to-face.

Call individuals who have donated to the charity in the past. Tell them about any new needs that have arisen since their last donations. Tell them what good their previous donations did. Offer to send them a postage-paid envelope to deposit their donation. The envelope will serve as a reminder of their promise to you; otherwise they may forget.

Mail a letter to the members of your community. Use the letter to tell readers about you and your organisation. Discuss the needs of your charity and how a donation will directly benefit the charity. Add testimonials to the letter from individuals who were helped by the charity. Keep the letter to one page.

Take your letter and turn it into an e-mail. The wording can be exactly the same. E-mail the letter requesting a donation to your charity to all of your contacts. Use a company that will allow individuals to opt out of receiving these e-mails or it could be considered spam.


Speak enthusiastically when you talk to people. You want them to sense your passion and be captivated by it so that they want to donate.


Write thank you notes to anyone who donates to your charity. Otherwise, the individuals may not feel appreciated and will cease to donate to your charity.

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Things Needed

  • Literature on the charity

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