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The Average Cardiology Salary

Cardiologists are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating problems of the heart and cardiovascular system. These doctors may be classified as invasive or noninvasive, depending on the procedures they perform and how specialised they are. Cardiologists fall into the "Physicians and Surgeons, All Other" category with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who become cardiologists should expect excellent wages, as is common for all physicians and surgeons.

Average Pay

According to the MySalary website, as of 2010, a noninvasive cardiologist salary averages £207,532, while an invasive cardiologist makes £208,208. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is recognised as an authority on salary data, provides a lower average salary figure for cardiologists. The BLS indicates that doctors such as cardiologists in the "All Other" category of physicians have an average wage of £113,009 annually, or roughly £54.30 per hour, based on 2009 data. Differences in salary data from these and other sources are explained by differences in data collection methodology.


The average salary for physicians may range from £33,637 to £108,160 or more, according to 2009 BLS data. MySalary shows a typical range of £144,305 to £278,233 for noninvasive cardiologists; the range for invasive surgeons is £150,924 to £281,531 as of 2010. PayScale also provides another range, claiming cardiologists should expect between £64,053 and £163,079 as of 2010, not including bonuses, profit-sharing or commissions.


Geography has some bearing on cardiologist salaries, according to 2009 BLS data. Minnesota, Indiana, Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada are the top-paying states for the "All Other" physician category. Salaries for doctors in these states range between £133,516 and £141,817, which is £13,219 to £28,808 more than the average.


Starting cardiologists earn between £29,096 and £78,656 as of 2010, says the PayScale website. With five to nine years' experience, cardiologists make £65,271 to £189,213. If a cardiologist stays in the field for 20 or more years, salary increases just slightly to £100,727 to £190,128.


Gender has a major impact on cardiologist wages. The average salary range for male cardiologists as of 2010 is £75,248 to £169,953, according to PayScale. However, women earn £51,097 to £119,031, or roughly just 70 per cent of what male cardiologists make. Interestingly, gender has little impact on bonuses. The average bonus is £6,695 for males and £6,500 for females.


The range for bonuses for cardiologists as reported by PayScale for 2010 is between £6,426 and £9,750. Experience is the major factor influencing bonus rates.