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The Average Salary of a General Manager of a KFC in Pennsylvania

KFC Corporation, part of YUM!

Brands, is the world's most popular chicken chain restaurant; it boasts more 5,200 locations in the United States, and more than 15,000 restaurants worldwide. The company supports more than 1,200 franchisees.

From an entry-level position you have the opportunity to become a general manager at one of KFC's franchises. A general manager stands to make a salary of roughly £32,500 per year, including cash and stock bonuses.

General Manager

As the general manager of a KFC franchise, you are responsible for stewardship of a business worth £0.6 million or more. You are responsible for directing daily operations, ensuring that employees under your supervision maintain KFC's standards in all areas, including product preparation, delivery, customer service, maintenance and repair of the restaurant, recruitment and retention, and financial accountability.


A general manager's salary at KFC depends on her experience, as well as the region and success of the KFC franchise. The average salary for a general manager at KFC is £29,825, based on a sample size of seven general managers. An entry-level general manager earns £20,800; but with experience, cash and stock bonuses, her income may reach as high as £42,250.

Pennsylvania Salaries

According to salary site Indeed, a KFC general manager in Sayre, Pennsylvania earns £33,150 on average, which is about 4 per cent lower than the national average. A general manager working in Philadelphia earns £31,200 per year, or 10 per cent lower than national average; and in Lewistown, the average salary is £25,350.

In contrast, a general manager in Manhattan earns 23 per cent more than the national average.

In general, salaries of KFC general managers in the state are less than the national average. The reasons for this vary, but the standard of living and success of the franchise play a large role.


Your pay as a general manager at KFC depends on several factors, particularly the success of your store.

Although a KFC general manager in Pennsylvania may earn less on average, how successfully he manages his restaurant increases his earnings potential. Developing a successful track record and exceeding the franchise's expectations allow for the negotiation of a higher salary.