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The Average Job Salary for Domestic Workers

A domestic worker is someone who is hired by an employer and performs a service or function for the employer within the employer's own private household. For example maids, butlers, nannies, chauffeurs, cooks, and groundskeepers are all considered to be domestic workers. The salary of each of these types of workers depends on the functions they perform.


Maids in private households often perform such duties as dusting furniture, polishing silverware, washing dishes, changing/making beds, sweeping, mopping or waxing floors, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms and appliances. They may also be required to run errands such as taking clothing to the cleaners and picking up necessities from the grocery store. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly salary for this domestic worker is approximately £6.30. The average annual salary for a maid is estimated to be £13,188. Providing maid services in the home is not one of the Bureau of Labor Statistics top five industries where maids are employed. The highest average wages for maids in any industry is paid to maids in Washington, D.C. In D.C., maids are paid an average of £8.80 an hour, receiving an annual salary of approximately £18,421.


Groundskeepers employed in the domestic worker environment maintain the grounds outside of their employer's personal homes. These employees perform many different duties including raking leaves, pruning trees, mowing grass, clearing snow, and taking care of fountains, lakes, or ponds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median hourly salary of groundskeepers at approximately £7.70. The average annual salary is approximately £16,159. Again Washington, D.C. has the highest average wages for groundskeepers, at £10.40 hourly, with an annual mean wage of £21,820.


Personal cooks, or chefs, work in their employer's home to prepare them meals. Some of their duties include preparing, seasoning and cooking various types of food. The mean hourly wage earned by a cook is estimated to be £9.60. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual salary at approximately £20,163. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics top five industries ranking, cooks employed in this capacity did not rank on the list. Cooks and chefs in California make the most on average: there, cooks are paid approximately £14.30 hourly with an annual salary of £29,874.


Chauffeurs are employed to provide their employers transportation from their personal homes to any place they desire to go. Chauffeurs are generally familiar with their surroundings and are responsible for making sure the cars they drive receive regular maintenance and that any problems are repaired. The average hourly salary of a chauffeur is estimated to be £7.30 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary is projected to be about £15,301. Out of all the states, Connecticut is said to compensate chauffeurs with the highest average salaries. In this state, drivers are known to make approximately £9.50 hourly with an annual salary of approximately £19,903.


Nannies are childcare workers that work in the home for a single family. They take care of their employer's children on a daily basis. Depending on the age of the children they are hired to care for, some of their duties include bathing/dressing/feeding children, supervising their play, washing their clothing, and cleaning their rooms. Nannies may also care for small infants, changing diapers, making/washing bottles, and helping to raise a healthy infant. The average hourly wage for nannies is approximately £6.30 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual wage is estimated to be approximately £13,227. Nannies employed in the domestic environment are one of the top paid types of child care workers. Again, nannies in Washington D.C. receive the highest average compensation; childcare workers there are estimated to make an hourly wage of approximately £7.70 and an estimated annual wage of £16,185.