The average salary of oil rig workers

The oil and gas industry employs many different types of workers to extract oil from deep, underground wells. The overall extraction process is complex and requires many steps. Both land and offshore rigs need specialised workers for each part of the extraction process. If you are considering pursuing employment on an oil rig, there are several career paths to choose from. Each one holds unique responsibilities and most of them pay well.

Entry-Level Positions

The roustabout is a general maintenance position that entails cleaning and painting the rig floor and decks, as well as helping to guide the crane as it moves loads around the deck. According to Rigworker, this position pays an average of around £35,750 per year. Most oil rigs have rig welders on hand to build new metal work and conduct all daily repairs. This position requires welding experience and pays around £40,300 per year on average.

Deck Positions

The maintenance foreman manages all the roustabouts and this position generally pays around £38,350 per year. Crane operators are in charge of all rig crane operations, including moving all the supplies from boat to boat, and they make an average of £45,175 per year. Assistant crane operators earn up to £38,350 and don't have management responsibilities.

Drilling Positions

Roughnecks operate the equipment and machines on the rig floor, as well as work in the mud room to ensure all the machines and weights are working properly. These specialised drilling workers typically work in teams of three and can earn up to £38,350 per year. Drillers are the ones responsible for everything that occurs on and above the rig floor, as well as the workers who actually operate the drill. The yearly average salary for this integral position is around £55,900.

Management Positions

The oil company representative on the rig is referred to as "Company Man/Woman," and this person focuses on overall drilling strategies. This position pays around £97,500 and is on the rig to make sure the oil company's interests are looked after. The main position in charge of the oil rig is usually the offshore installation manager, which pays about £71,500 per year.

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