The average salary of a physiatrist

Physiatrists, also known as rehabilitation physicians, specialise in diagnosing and treating injuries and pain. They use non-surgical methods to help patients recover from painful incidents and restore movement and function as much as possible. If you're interested in helping people through the rehabilition process, physiatry may be the right career for you. Understanding what to expect as far as financial compensation can also help this career choice.

National averages

According to a leading website's collection of compensation levels for physiatrists, average salaries for the position range from £87,748 to £144,912. This figure includes bonus pay, which ranges from £3,259 to £23,145 per year. These ranges are based on data from 152 professionals and are accurate as of November 2010.


Physiatrists with one to four years of experience in the field have top average salaries of £119,614, according to a leading website. For those with five to nine years under their belt, the top average grows to £142,905. Finally, the salary range for physiatrists who have been working for 10 to 19 years tops out at £145,434.


A leading websiet shows that physiatrists working for private companies make the most money on average. Salaries for these professionals range from £91,981 to £191,614. Self-employed individuals take the runner-up position, with high average salaries at £162,500. Employees of non-profit organisations and traditional hospitals each have salary ranges reaching to about £130,000.


The leading website's salary ranges do not include noncash benefits, but the survey of physiatrists does include information on these benefits. According to these results, 83 per cent of physiatrists are given medical coverage from their employers. Additionally, 60 per cent are given dental care and 41 per cent receive vision coverage.

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