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The average salary of a sound engineer

The field of sound engineering is competitive and difficult to break into, with no required educational qualifications to guarantee entry to a position.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) the average salary of a sound and broadcast engineer in May 2008 was £30,868.


Sound engineering takes a variety of forms including the operation of sound equipment in TV, radio, theatre, sound recording and film production.


The USBLS reports that in 2008 broadcast and sound engineers held approximately 114,600 positions with sound engineers accounting for 19,500 of those jobs.

Salary Differences

In the broadcasting sector television stations provide higher salaries than radio, with commercial broadcasting providing the highest salaries.


Around 10 per cent of sound engineers earned the highest salary range of over £60,255 in 2008 according to the USBLS with only 10 per cent earning the lowest range of less than £15,463.