How to become a barber

Many people dream of being a barber. If you like making others look good and working in an environment where you get to interact with others all day then being a barber is the perfect job for you. Becoming a barber isn't that difficult either. Read on to learn how to become a barber.

Find a barber that will let you shadow him for a few days. This is a good way to learn whether you really want to be a barber before investing any additional time and money.

Look up the requirements necessary to become a barber in your state. Most states require a minimum number of hours cutting hair as well as safety and handling instructions to obtain your license.

Research barber schools in your area taking into account the length of time they have been in business, their facilities, any specializations they may offer, whether they offer financial aid and their job placement abilities. You really want a school that is going to help you get your first job.

Choose a school in your area that meets not only the state requirements but those mentioned in Step 3 and complete the program.

Take the licensing exam for your state and pass it.

Land that first job using job placement assistance from your barber school, inquiring at local shops and searching employment ads in your local paper.


Look to a local community college for barber schools. Usually they offer many vocation programs that cost significantly less than if you went to one of the barber schools in your area.


Make sure whatever school you choose is a fully accredited school or your barber degree won't be worth anything.

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