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Hollister interview tips

You've submitted an impressive job application at Hollister, and now the manager wants to schedule an interview.

You know that you deserve to be hired, but that's not enough to guarantee a position as a model, part-time impact member or manager at this popular clothing store. Arrive on time, dress appropriately and demonstrate a strong knowledge of the company to increase your chances of employment.


Punctuality is a quality that any potential employee should possess, especially employees who apply for a fast-paced retail job such as Hollister. Don't let a traffic jam, car accident, engine problems or bad weather prevent you from being on time for your interview.

Arrive before your scheduled interview time to show the manager that you won't keep customers waiting or leave co-workers short-handed. The Connecticut Department of Labor recommends arriving five to 10 minutes early for a job interview. This will allow you plenty of time to handle unexpected circumstances or calm pre-interview jitters. Increase your confidence by mentally reviewing answers to possible interview questions while you wait.

Important Items

Hiring managers like prepared interviewers. Bring a copy of your resume or cover letter, as well as your Social Security card and a photo identification card. You will need two forms of identification to verify citizenship and employment eligibility if Hollister hires you. Verify all scholastic, athletic and personal achievements with newspaper clippings or awards issued in your name. Put important documents such as awards, certificates and degrees in a folder with your resume to avoid wrinkles and stains.


Hollister expects all employees to be stylish, with a passion for the products offered by the company.

Most job interviews require a suit or dress, but those clothes will not land you a job at Hollister. Wear your favourite Hollister outfit to the interview, but keep things classy.

Khakis and polo shirts are acceptable; tiny denim skirts are not, no matter how good your legs look in them. Make sure that your shirt, trousers or dress are clean and wrinkle-free. Show off your sense of style with trendy Hollister accessories, such as a matching necklace or earrings. Hollister employees represent the brand while they are at work, so ask yourself if your outfit would influence a customer to buy the items your store sells.


Many people believe that Hollister, a company owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, only hires attractive people. In 2004, several former employees and rejected applicants sued Abercrombie & Fitch for racial discrimination. The company paid £26 million to settle the lawsuit and agreed to hire a more diverse workforce.

Hollister favours applicants that are naturally beautiful, with an all-American look.

Style your hair in a classic ponytail or loose beach waves if you are female. Spike it or sport a trendy, shaggy style if you are a male.

Wear a minimal amount of natural-looking make-up, and brighten pale skin with a bronzing powder or self-tanning lotion before the interview. Freshly cut, highlighted hair is best, and nails should be short and neatly trimmed.


Outgoing, friendly applicants have a competitive edge during the group interviews administered by Hollister. Hollister also values intelligence, so good grades or a college degree show that you have the skills necessary to communicate well with customers.

Applicants with a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of diversity also meet the requirements for employment. Smile frequently during the interview and remember to make eye contact with the hiring manager, even if you are nervous.

Brand Awareness

If you are not familiar with the image and products of Hollister, your chances of being hired are low. Learn about what type of people shop at Hollister, as well as how to wear the clothing styles offered by this retailer.

Hollister specialises in classic, preppy beach-inspired clothing for preteens, teens and college students.

Bright colours, uncomfortable fabrics and flashy designs are generally not things you will find at Hollister. The company sells comfortable cotton polo shirts, logo tees and form-fitting, distressed denim.