How to Become an IB Teacher

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally recognised rigorous academic K-12 acceleration program, with three levels separated into primary, middle level and diploma years. IB programs have been instituted both nationally and internationally and require students to follow an intense, advanced learning curriculum. Teachers of IB programs are expected to follow a unique curriculum and be highly trained in IB course materials.

Obtain your regular subject area and teaching certifications. You will not be able to teach IB courses if you are not certified in your original subject area. IB courses are taught by subject only--so you don't have to worry about calculus if you are an English teacher.

Identify IB programs in your school district. Before getting certified to teach IB courses, you want to have a list of programs ready. If you are able to teach IB, you need to do it at a school that has an IB program.

Complete the IB teacher training courses. Depending on your school district and school, there are teacher training courses offered for those who want to teach IB courses.

Request an IB mentor. These are veteran teachers--those who are well-versed in IB and can assist you in all things pertaining to the program.

Attend as many local, national and international trainings and network opportunities as possible. There is also an IB magazine subscription that contains assistance and topics relevant to those who teach these courses.


Become familiar with the rigorous and challenging IB curriculum. Advanced preparation and knowledge of the IB courses structure are integral for teacher success.

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Things Needed

  • Bachelor's degree (in designated subject area)
  • State teaching certification
  • School IB program

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