How to Break a Contract With Curves Gym

Many gyms and fitness facilities utilise some form of contract to clarify their terms and conditions of membership. Curves, a fitness facility for women, is no different. And while many new members join a gym with intentions of maintaining their membership for a long time, some need to break their contract before completing the 12-month time period most Curves franchises require. If this is your case, there are ways you can break your contract with minimal headaches and expense.

Find a copy of the original contract and any other paperwork you signed when you first joined Curves. The contract should outline valuable information about your franchise's cancellation policies, and give an exact date for when your membership became active.

Note any special exceptions or clauses pertaining to membership cancellation. For example, some clubs will allow you to cancel for medical reasons without penalty, while some won't. Most contracts include a condition that you provide a written notice of cancellation within 30 days of when you wish your membership to become inactive.

Write a brief letter of cancellation, detailing how long you've been a member and a brief synopsis of why you wish to cancel your Curves membership. Reasons to include might be lack of time or finances, medical reasons or a new membership with a competitor. Club owners will appreciate this type of information included in your cancellation letter for their records.

Contact your Curves franchise, preferably in person, to let them know you wish to cancel. They will likely advise you to bring a written cancellation letter and inform you of any cancellation fee you may be subject to. Keep in mind that every Curves is independently owned and operated, but most clubs will charge a fee of 10 dollars per month of membership, not to exceed 50 dollars. Your cancellation fee may also include sales tax.

Present your cancellation letter, preferably in person, to your Curves gym. Make sure the staff places your letter with your file and makes a note on your account that you're cancelling. If you must fax or mail your letter, follow up to confirm the club received your letter. Use certified mail to send your letter.

Pay any applicable cancellation fee at the time you cancel. You may also choose to have your cancellation fee drafted from your account. Depending on your club's practices, you may be drafted another month's membership fee as well. This is likely if your Curves follows a strict 30-day cancellation policy.

Contact your financial institution once all contractual obligations to Curves have been met. You can have a stop draft order placed on any further transactions from Curves, or have them send you an alert if Curves drafts your account again.


Be assertive, but courteous when speaking with the staff of the Curves gym. Always ask who you're speaking with and make detailed notes in case you need to cite this information in further correspondence.


Don't use online forums to vent frustration about your experience. You will be more effectively heard by speaking with your local club owner or Curves International, or taking your concerns to your local Better Business Bureau.

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