About Building Material Auctions

Purchasing building supplies and materials at a specialist auction can be an economical way to complete a building project. Across the nation, auction companies hold regular sales to sell surplus supplies from wholesalers, merchants and contractors.


According to Peak Auctioneering, the nation's first building material auction source, the three main purchasing options are live auctions, online auctions and online stores. When purchasing online, buyers must remember to factor in delivery costs for items purchased. Buyers should also check with the auctioneer to find out if they must pay buyer's commission on their purchases.


The types of products available will not be as consistent as a building supplier, since stock depends on the surplus available at any given time. However, wide-ranging items, including lumber, bricks, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, wood flooring and tiles are commonly available. Buyers should remember that purchasing through an auction means the goods may not be exchanged or refunded as with a conventional purchase.


It is possible to make significant savings when purchasing through an auction. For example, you may be able to pick up a slab of granite for £195, which might normally cost between £975 and £3,250 depending on its quality and rarity. Expect to pay up to 50 per cent of retail prices for goods. You may pay significantly less, if there are not many interested bidders on the day of the auction.

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