The need to be internationally mobile is a fact of life for many people. If you are moving to Canada from the UK, or just looking to do business in Canada, there are several advantages to opening a Canadian bank account before you arrive.

One of the best ways to do this is by availing the services of a bank that has branches in the UK and Canada. HSBC's Premier Account is built to provide this service.

Call HSBC at 0800 328 1296. Explain that you are looking to move or do business in Canada and that you would like to open a Premier account or another product with similar features. The bank will verify what you will need to provide to open the account.

Go into the branch or apply online. Applying online is often more convenient, however HSBC will still mail you a welcome pack with forms that must be signed and dropped off to one of their branches. If you have the time it might be better to go into the branch in person so you can resolve any potential delays or fulfil any additional requirements immediately.

Sign and deliver the switching form that authorises HSBC to move funds to the new account. This should complete the process. Your checking information will arrive in the mail. If at any point you have questions you should call the bank's information centre.


HSBC markets its global footprint and international branch network, but you should also check with other banks that have branches in the UK and Canada such as Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to see if they offer a similar service.


HSBC's Premiere account has specific eligibility requirements. Call the bank first to determine if you meet the requirement or if there are other products that will meet your needs.