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Career objectives for a hotel job as a receptionist

Career objective statements serve three functions. They describe the type of position you're looking for, inform potential employers about your skills and spell out important requirements. According to a popular business communications guide by Barron's Education Series, career objective statements are crucial for résumés but optional for solicited cover letters. When writing an objectives statement for a hotel receptionist position, stress customer service experience, problem solving abilities, and general office proficiency.

Career Objective Statements for Entry-Level Applicants

When you're just starting out, highlight your willingness to learn, any special training you have and career paths that interest you.


Objective: To obtain an entry-level position as a hotel receptionist with active involvement in the areas of event planning and office management.

Career Objectives: To utilise my training in business administration, build relationships with hotel guests and provide superior customer service.

Purpose: To acquire a challenging position that will expand my knowledge of hotel management systems and strengthen the problem solving and time management skills I already possess.

Career Objective Statements for Experienced Applicants

If you already have experience, you probably have an arsenal of useful hotel industry skills. Don't pigeonhole yourself to a particular title or specific duties. Different companies use different names for identical job descriptions anyway. You may rule yourself out for a job over semantics.


Professional Goals: Utilize my proven customer service skills and marketing knowledge to maintain hotel occupancy rates, increase banquet bookings and ensure customer satisfaction.

Objective: To manage schedules, address customer complaints with win-win solutions and supervise support staff in a hotel environment.

Objective: To secure a position at a four-star hotel in Seattle, Washington, suitable for a professional with 15 years of hotel support experience.

Career Objective Statements for Career Changers

Focus on transferable skills from your previous job. Although specific training and computer programs may not help you land a job in your new field, skills with multiple applications like leadership skills and conflict resolution can be assets for hotel receptionist jobs. Just like entry-level applicants, stress your willingness to learn new skills and programs.


Objective: To secure a challenging position with an ABC Hotel that will utilise my problem solving, planning and budget management abilities.

Professional Goals: To put my knowledge of office computer programs, communication skills and call-centre experience to use as a hotel receptionist.

Objective: Obtain a team-player position in a people-oriented organisation where I can expand my customer-service expertise.