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Careers in Criminology & Psychology

Individuals who seek a social science career can consider criminology or psychology. Criminology-related career choices include working for federal law enforcement, private organisations and protective services.

Meanwhile, psychology-related career opportunities include working in human resources or promotions. Among career titles are criminology teacher, employment representative, mental health assistant and promotions manager.

Criminology Teachers

Criminology teachers instruct students in areas of law enforcement, criminal justice and corrections.

These professionals are involved in creating lesson plans and monitoring student progress. Employers seek applicants with advanced degrees for teaching at universities and colleges.

Some criminology teachers offer seminars and workshops. The median annual wage was listed in March 2010 on the Career Builder Salary website as £32,654.

Employment Representatives

Employment representatives perform human resource functions, including reviewing employment applications, verifying job references and maintaining human resources databases.

Qualifications include a bachelor's degree in business management, psychology or industrial relations. Employment is found in the public and private sectors. As of March 2010, showed the average annual salary for employment representatives as £19,500.

Mental Health Assistants

Mental health assistants are sometimes known as psychiatric aides. Under the direction of the nursing and medical staff, health assistants are responsible for helping patients with personal care and keeping them safe.

Some employers accept an associate's degree in psychology with on-the-job training. Other employers require a bachelor's degree.

Work environments include mental health institutions and hospital settings. The median annual wage was listed in March 2010 on the Career Builder Salary website as £22,003.

Promotions Managers

Promotions managers use incentives to increase consumer purchases. Some of these incentives include rebates, samples gifts or sweepstakes.

These marketing professionals are responsible for developing and monitoring a promotions campaign.

Qualifications include a bachelor's degree in psychology, marketing or business management. A May 2008 report on the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average annual salary as £52,143.