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Careers when over 50 years old

Careers for the over-50 job seeker are available if you know where to look. Many employers are targeting seniors, advertising specifically to attract experienced talent.

Due to shrinking investments and a poor economy, many workers have postponed early retirement plans and are choosing to work longer before retiring. Another added incentive for workers to keep working longer than originally planned is the Social Security rule that reward recipients monetarily for postponing Social Security payments until later in life.

Altruism and the over-50 worker

Given the social climate for change that most boomers knew as children and young adults in the tumultuous '50s and '60s, it is no surprise that many baby-boomers are returning to idealistic pursuits as older workers. With children out of the house and fewer financial demands, many empty-nesters feel they can now make heartfelt career choices that were impractical earlier in life. Lauren Otten, the director of the Nonprofit Center at LaSalle University's School of Business, confirms this shift of older workers to non-profit business. She stated that "nearly one-half of the individuals going for certificates in non-profit management are over 50."

Career options for older workers

There are a few lists floating around about the best careers for the mature workforce.

Some of the jobs that keep popping up on most lists include: schoolteacher, nurse and non-profit executive. According to CNN Money, "The top 20 jobs for older workers are non-profit executive, patient representative, celebrant, financial adviser, state schoolteacher, residential real estate appraiser, college professor, day care centre teacher, IRS specialist, labour relations manager, leasing consultant, lobbyist, medical records coding technician, pension administrator, religious educator, department retail sales manager, retail sales staff, staff nurse, tax accountant and tutor."

Healthy job outlook for seniors in near future

While current 2011 unemployment statistics are still disheartening for older workers, there is good news for the near future. According to a report sponsored by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, as the nation emerges from the recession the employment picture is expected to become so robust that employers will be begging for older workers to work for them.

The large number of baby boomers retiring will cause a significant gap of unfilled positions between generations. Employers will be forced to compete for qualified workers, allowing opportunities to open up for senior job seekers.

Career change support for the mature worker

There are certain companies that cater to the over-50 employee sector.

These companies post job opportunities on sites designed to attract the older demographic.

On any given day, the site has about 30,000 jobs posted for older workers. and are two other websites dedicated to mature job seekers.